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South Hams Triathlon: Swim Route: (750 m)

The South Hams Triathlon Swim is a 750 meter open water sea swim. It starts from Blackpool Sands Beach and finishes at the transition area in the car park. The Supersprint 400m swim goes out and round the first buoy and then straight back to the beach.

South Hams Triathlon: Bike Route: (20 km)

The South Hams Triathlon Bike Course starts and finishes from the Transition Zone which is located in the car park at Blackpool Sands. This course covers a total distance 20 km. The route follows the main A379 South West to Stokenham where it turns on the roundabout and retraces to Blackpool Sands. The course starts with a 16% climb up to Strete, then descends on to the Slapton Ley Road which is the flattest road in Devon. After 4 km there is a slight climb up to Stokenham Roundabout before returning back along Slapton Ley, over the hill through Strete, with a descent back to transition. This cycle route has a total elevation of approximately 1000 ft.

South Hams Triathlon: Run Route: (5 km)

Unfortunately because the A379 between Blackpool Sands & Stoke Fleming is below the minimum allowable width for coning off a lane (we’ve measured it) we have had to revert to our 2016 4 lap run of the fields behind the beach. However for this year the run lanes will be completely separated by posts and tape and wide enough in most places to allow overtaking. We also don’t have an enormous wedding marquee on the beach to deal with!