Donut Duathlon
March 24, 2019

Torbay Triathlon
April 21, 2019

Exmouth Triathlon
May 19, 2019

South Hams Sprint Triathlon
June 9, 2019

Geopark Triathlon & Swim
July 7, 2019

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3 weeks ago

Sportiva Events

Our next two events on Sun 24th March (#DonutDuathlon) and Sun 21st April (#TorbayTriathlon) are both open to children from 3+ (Donut) and 8+ in the Torbay Triathlon & involve cycling. So if you'e thinking of buying your child a bike for Christmas please take notice of this advice from MIchelle Radant a cycling instructor & member of Mid Devon CC

'Please Parents. If you are thinking of buying a bike for your child this Christmas please go to a local independent bike shop rather than a big chain store or buying from the internet. You will get good advice, a bike that correctly fits your child and more importantly a bike that has been assembled correctly and is safe.

As instructors, we see many brand new bikes that are just unsuitable for the children. Too big, too heavy, gears that don’t work properly, brakes that are too stiff or they just can’t reach them, even forks put on the wrong way round...

Frog (www.frogbikes.com/) and Squish (squish.bike/) bikes are just two examples of great bikes for children. They are lightweight making them easy to handle, proportioned perfectly for children and great quality so they are built to last,

Although you may pay a bit more for a good quality bike, there is a big demand for them second hand after your child no longer needs it, and more importantly you have the reassurance of knowing that they are riding something safe.'

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1 month ago

Sportiva Events

For the 2019 #DartingtonDuathlon we'll be reverting to a version of the old Run 2 course that goes down to the river. This eliminates the road crossing in this year's event that was tricky to marshal given the number of completely clueless drivers! Dartington have resurfaced a lot of the path along the river so there's virtually no danger of mud. However the 'tree' that many of you remember so fondly will probably be back. Plans to turn the old Refectory into offices have also fallen through so we'll probably be back in the Refectory for registration next year.If you did the Olympic distance last October you'll have missed 'the tree'. Don't worry it's back for tomorrow morning ...

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1 month ago

Sportiva Events

Dartington Duathlon Wrap Up: photos, feedback & plans for next year... - mailchi.mp/sportivaevents/dartington-duathlon-t-shirts-race-manual-start-list-marshals-2851601 ...

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