Roadford Lake Triathlons & Swims 2022

Roadford Lake Triathlons & Swims

Results for the Roadford Lake Triathlons & Swims 2022

Photos from the triathlons & swims are now online for free download. Or you can order prints. Photos by our 2nd snapper John Clamp are being uploaded this morning so please search again after 5pm.

Be sure to use the Selfie search to find pictures of yourselves. Worth browsing through some of the swim photos too for the tris & swims as we often can’t see the face of swimmers.


Sunday 21st May 2023
We’ve set the date for our 2023 triathlons & swims at Roadford Lake. Pre-register your interest now as we’ll be offering a special 25 percent early bird discount to those who do!