Are your Autumn 2020 events going ahead with the Covid Crisis?

Our plan is to go ahead with all the August, September, October & November 2020 events listed on our website. We now have agreement to go ahead,  in principle, from the venues at Torbay, Dawlish & Tavistock.  We are producing detailed risk assessments and putting our Social Distancing plans in place. Our race manuals will be updated to reflect this.
We will also be limiting numbers at our events to ensure social distancing. That said we can’t 100 percent guarantee they will go ahead if there is a significant change in the levels of infection in the South West. In that case we will offer everyone who’s entered another equivalent event.
If you entered the Donut Duathlon in March 2020 you’re entry will be automatically transferred to the new 15th November date (or on request to March 2021)
If you entered the Torbay Triathlon Sprint in April you’re entry will be automatically transferred to the Torbay Triathlon autumn on 13th Sept (or on request to April 2021)

Are the Devon Grit routes fully marked out?

We thought long & hard about this & in the end decided not to. Please Read our Article which explains why in more detail & also explains how to use the GPX files & Komoot routes we will be releasing the week before the event.

I haven’t received an email confirmation or anything in the post?

We do not normally send out any information in the post. Race packs with numbers etc are collected on the morning of the race (and usually available the afternoon before). We publish Start Lists the week before the event (usually on the Tuesday). Race Manuals are sent out at around the same time. You can also view the Race Manuals, British Triathlon Rules & Tips for beginners on our website see sportivaevents.co.uk/downloads

Can beginners take part?

Where ever possible we try to off a GO TRI Beginners race alongside the races for more experienced competitors. We now have a Beginner Triathlon Page that lists all our GO TRI events or other events that are suitable for beginners – sportivaevents.co.uk/beginners-triathlon/

And don’t forget for our pool based events you can swim any stroke and stop every length if you wish. You definitely don’t need to be superfit to take part! See our 10 Tips for First Time Triathletes

We’re based in Devon so not all our GO TRI events are flat. So here are our GO TRI & beginner-friendly races with ratings based on difficulty

Donut Duathlon – Very Easy: flat, fast & traffic free

Torbay Triathlon Spring –  Very Easy: flat, fast & traffic free

Exmouth Triathlon – Easy: moderate climb on the bike leg but run is flat

Dartmouth Triathlon (formerly the South Hams Triathlon) – Hard: the 20K bike is hilly although the run is quite flat

Geopark Triathlon – Easy: gentle climb on short bike and a couple of tough little hills on the run

Torbay Triathlon Autumn – Very Easy: flat, fast & traffic free

Dawlish Triathlon – Easy: sea swim and then a pretty flat bike & run.

Dartington Duathlon – Fairly hard: two climbs on the bike & a hilly run

My kid(s) want to try triathlon. How do they get started?

See our articles below

What Triathlon is all about! Click here for our Guide to Junior Triathlons

Local clubs & how kids can improve their swimming, biking & running  Click here for Triathlon for Kids

Can I buy a Sportiva Events tshirt, hoodie or race belt?

We now have a shop selling our clothing, gift vouchers etc  sportivaevents.co.uk/product/sportiva-t-shirt/

What is the sizing for the tshirts & hoodies?

Please see our tshirt sizing chart below.

Can I get a refund or defer my registration to next year?

Sorry, we are not able to offer refunds except to people who volunteer to help marshal at one of our events. However we now offer free name changes with our new booking software Eventrac. Just scroll to the bottom of your email receipt and click the link which says  ‘online receipt’. You will then see options to transfer your entry.

We are also happy to transfer your entry to a different event for a charge of £8 provided you contact us a minimum of 7 days before the date of the event.

Can I alter my registration between races on the same day (eg switch from the Sprint to the Supersprint triathlon)

Yes you can. If you are transferring to a more expensive option (eg moving from GO TRI to Sprint you will need to pay the difference. There is no partial refund if you are transferring to a shorter race.  Just scroll to the bottom of your email receipt from Eventrac and click the link which says  ‘online receipt’. You will then see options to transfer your entry.

We are also happy to transfer your entry to a different event for a charge of £8 provided you contact us a minimum of 7 days before the date of the event.

Where can I find the Race Manuals for your events?

We’ll be adding a race manual for each race approx 2 weeks before they take place. This will contain all the relevant information about the event you’ve entered and will be on this page sportivaevents.co.uk/downloads/

How do age categories work and what is the minimum age to compete?

Your age group or your child’s age group is calculated from your age on 31st December in the year of the competition. If, for example, you are 39 but turn 40 on 30th December you will compete as a Vet 40 for the whole of that year. Similarly if your child is 7 but turns 8 in December they are eligible to enter any Tristar Start event.

For events on open roads the minimum age is 15 or 17 for the longer Standard/Olympic distance events. However for our Pool-based triathlons the minimum age is 8 by 31st Dec in the year of competition or 5 for the Torbay Triathlons. And at our Donut Duathlon we have a mini duathlon with a bike or scoot followed by a run for children aged 3-7.

Here is a summary of all the junior age groups (all ages are on 31st Dec of year of competition). Distances increase as children progress through TriStar. On our registration form just choose Tristar or Novice & you’ll be automatically allocated to the correct category. The Novice events are aimed at children who are less  confident swimmers or trying triathlon for the first time.

Mini Tri age 6 & 7 (only at our Torbay Triathlons)
Tristar Start aged 8 (includes 8 year old novices)
Tristar 1 – aged 9-10
Tristar 2 – aged 11-12
Tristar 3 – aged 13-14
Youth – aged 15-16
Junior – aged 17-19
Novice 1 – aged 9-10 (same distances as Tristar Start)
Novice 2 – aged 11-14 (same distances as Tristar 2)

How do I join your mailing list?

Just CLICK HERE if you’d just like to join our mailing list. We won’t pass your name or email address on to anyone else!

Do you have season tickets?

We don’t offer season tickets but do offer discounts of up to 25 percent if you book two or more events at the same time. Check out our Triathlon & Duathlon Series Booking Page.

Do you give money to charity?

We are not a charity but do plan to partner with local charities on our events. We’ve just announced our first partnership with Exeter Deaf Academy and the Exmouth Triathlon. We are offering free fund raising places and also making a donation for every volunteer the Exeter Deaf Academy provides. Click here to find out more.

What special kit do I need?

The special kit you need is minimal. There really is no need to buy expensive equipment before your first duathlon or triathlon

For Duathlons you need

  • A road worthy bike
  • A helmet
  • A pair of trainers to run and cycle in
  • A waterproof jacket and some gloves in case the weather is bad

For our pool based triathlons you need

  • The equipment listed above for a duathlon
  • A swimming costume
  • Swimming goggles (not 100 percent essential but almost everybody uses them)

For our Open Water Triathlons

  • You will probably need a wetsuit for the Dartmouth Triathlon (formerly the South Hams Triathlon). They will probably be optional for the Geopark Triathlon.  Under British Triathlon rules are compulsory if the water is below 14C. However they can be hired if you’re trying an open water triathlon for the first time

Other recommended kit

  • A race belt. These can save you time in transition as you can just clip on your number instead of having to put on a t-shirt with your race number on. Display your number at the back for the bike leg, then turn it to the front for the run. Sportiva Race Belts cost just £4.50 from our Shop
  • Elastic laces . These cost from about £5. They replace the normal laces in your trainers and can really speed up the switch from biking to running!
  • Trisuit. This is a one piece suit suitable for a complete triathlon. See our Triathlon Tips article for further details.
  • Bottle cage & bottle for your bike. These cost from about £6 . The bike is the easiest place to take on fluid in a triathlon or duathlon so definitely a good idea to get one.

Are you events British Triathlon affiliated & do I need a day membership?

All our triathlons are British Triathon affiliated and listed on britishtriathlon.org/. If you do not have annual membership you will need to buy a day membership to take part (£4 in advance, £5 on the day or £1 if you are aged under 20 on 31st December of the year of competition. The exception is our GO TRI /Beginners events which do not require a day membership. To keep entry costs down our Duathlons are not British Triathlon affiliated which means you do not need to purchase a day license to take part. However we do run the duathlons under British Triathlon rules.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs on leads are permitted at all our events except for the Dartmouth Triathlon at Blackpool Sands. Blackpool Sands does not allow any dogs during the summer season.

Do the events have cut-off times?

We try and avoid cut-off times to make our events as inclusive as possible. However we do recommend you choose the shorter race option if your estimated times exceed the following

Dartington Duathlon (10K, 40K, 5K)

If you expect to take over 3 1/2 hours we recommend you choose the sprint option

Geopark Triathlon

If you expect to take over 4 hours 50 minutes we recommend you choose the sprint option.

Is there a registration limit?

There is a limit set for each race based on parking capacity and the nature of the routes.

Will the race be timed?

All our races are professionally chip-timed with RFID chips and offer splits for each component of the race and for T1 and T2. Results are available on the day.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

Organisers reserve the right to change, shorten or even cancel the races  in the event of extreme bad weather. However we will do all we can to go ahead and so far we have never cancelled a triathlon or duathlon (despite some challenging conditions)

Are there age group prizes?

As a minimum we have prizes for both men and women for Top 3 overall, Top 3 Vet 40 & Top 3 Vet 50 and 1st Vet 60 in the main race. We also have special medals for all Tristar and GoTri categories. Depending on entry numbers we will also have awards for Juniors, Vet 60 podium and for Top 3 Seniors.

The organisers reserve the right to reduce or exclude prizes if there are insufficient entries in a particular category There is a one prize per person rule so if the first overall finisher is a vet he/she will only receive the overall prize and the 1st vet prize will go to the first eligible vet. We aim to publish a list of prizes before the start of each race.

When can I collect my number on the day and where from?

Make sure you collect your number and timing from registration, no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of your race.

Where can I park?

You will be sent clear instructions on how to get to the races and where to park in the Race Manual emailed and published on our website at least two weeks before before the events

Do I need a wetsuit for your sea triathlons, swims & swim runs?

Our sea swims for the Dartmouth Triathlon and Geopark Triathlon are under British Triathlon rules. Wetsuits will be compulsory if the temperature is below 14C. If the water temperature is below 11.9C we will shorten the swim(s) to 500 metres. If the temperature is below 11C the swim will be cancelled. In practice at Blackpool Sands wetsuits will normally be compulsory. At the Geopark Triathlon in July they are likely to be optional. For our Goodrington Sea Swim we also apply British Triathlon rules. It is the same day as the Geopark Triathlon so wetsuits are likely to be optional. Wetsuits are also likely to be optional at the Dawlish Triathlon in September.

Can I wear my mp3 / iPod?

For your safety, music players and headphones may not be worn.

Where can I find race results?

We normally post them first on our Facebook page but you can also find results from all our past races on our Results Page.

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