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eco sportiva

Written by Ben Tisdall

22 June 2022

Here at Sportiva, we’re doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment. Here is what we’ve achieved so far!

Trees Not Tees
For all our events where we include a t-shirt, we’re now offering the option to plant a tree instead. Thanks to our partnership with, we have planted over 120 trees so far! Watch this space as more trees will be planted with each event

Avoiding Single Use Plastics

For 2022 we have sourced new paper cups, which are designed to be fully recycled back into high grade paper. They look and feel exactly the same as conventional plastic coated, or PLA coated cups – The key difference is that these cups are actually optimised to be recycled back into high grade paper using conventional paper recycling equipment [Paper mills do not need to change or invest in new machinery]. This supports a circular economy where the valuable cup paper fibre can be recycled many times, and greatly reduces the amount of plastic waste going to landfill sites.
We are also looking at going fully cup less on some of our longer events – watch this space.. Our cycling events are already largely cup less.

Zip Ties & waste
We use reusable zip ties where ever possible, again reducing plastic waste going to landfill and also encouraging the production of more sustainable and long lasting products (the majority of zip-ties are single-use, non-recyclable plastic).We minimise our use of disposable plastic, and all of the rubbish and waste from our events is bagged and sorted into the relevant recycling category’s.

Reducing Car use
In Devon, where most of our events take place, this is easier said than done. However at our Burrator 10K running race we offer a £5 discount to anyone who commits to walking or cycling to the event. We’ll be looking to add this to other events in the future where feasible to reduce Carbon emissions and help keep competitors safe from traffic.


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