Maps & GPX files for Devon Grit

Haldon Heroic

Written by Ben Tisdall

19 August 2021

We have now put the GPX files on our Eventrac booking page at the link below. If you don’t want to use RidewithGPS this is the way to go.

Devon Grit maps in RidewithGPS format. This allows you to download the GPX files easily to your laptop or other device. Select the route you want to preview from the bottom of the map box. Then move your mouse pointer along the profile to see the way the route goes.


  1. Clive Cox

    Is there NOT a simple GPX file that I can just drop into my Wahoo without having to download extra apps ( Komoot or Ridewith gps) of which I use neither

    • Ben Tisdall

      It’s one click to download the gpx from ridewithgps. We’ll be publishing the final routes tomorrow on Ridewithgps (we’ve decided not to use Komoot this year)


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