Roadford Lake Condition

roadford lake

Written by Ben Tisdall

23 August 2022

Water Level

Due to the recent heatwave and drought, people have been asking if the Roadford Lake Triathlon and Swim will be affected. We are happy to reassure everybody that is a definite no, the water at Roadford Lake is over 40m deep, and the reservoir is very large. There just may be a slightly longer bank to run up before you reach transition…

Algae Concerns

Similarly, somebody has asked us about the possibility of BGA (blue green algae) on the surface of the water. South West Water regularly test the water at Roadford Lake and this has never been an issue before. The deep water is a  factor here as is stops the lake water from getting too warm.

The Roadford Lake Triathlon and Swim are still going ahead on the 11th of September, see you all there!



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